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    Paying Too Much Tax?

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    Maximising your Income?

    Read our book to 'How to Make More Money', which gives the basic steps to increase your income. Then arrange a meeting to see how we can assist you making a plan and implementing it.
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    Short of Time?

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Saving Tax

Tax arises on assets and income at different rates, with different methods for assessment and collection. How you organise your affairs can have a significant impact on your tax liability....

Time management

Time is an asset that is priced in its use. Accounts only show time that has been used and valued but not how much remains! As an asset it needs management so it is not wasted, our book 'Time Management' gives some basic procedures to help you get the most from what you have left.

Making More Money

Having observed many businesses over time and across different sectors it is apparent that there are some basic rules that govern how to make money, these are summarised in our book 'How to Make More Money'

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